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Jason Moffatt – EQUITY 5000-Get Your Slice Of The Pie

Jason Moffatt – EQUITY 5000-Get Your Slice Of The Pie
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Author: Jason Moffatt
Sale Page :_https://equity5000.com/encore/

The Equity 5000 course helps entrepreneurs to get paid what they are
actually worth by helping them acquire equity pieces of companies rather
than bouncing from client to client with no end in site.

What You Get:

Module 1: The Inception
Introduction To Equity 5000
Aloha friends, Jason Moffatt here and I’m super excited about
the journey we’re abo…
Chapter 2: The Inception
Module 1 is called ‘The Inception” because it’s the beginning of planting a see…
Chapter 3: You Have Million Dollar Talent
Have you ever gone to a Thanksgiving or Christmas party with your family and your relatives ask y…
Chapter 4: The Opportunity At Hand
Right now, more than ever, there is an opportunity at hand that is so incredibly ripe and untappe…
Chapter 5: It’s All About Leverage
When negotiating equity deals, sealing the deal often comes down to leverage. In it’s simplest for…
Chapter 6: Assessing Your Strengths & Weaknesses
“This above all: to thine own self be true And it must follow, as the night the day Thou

Module 2: Laying The Foundation
Chapter 1 – Aggregating Assets
One of the most valuable things I learned from the marketing legend Dan Kennedy is the importance…
Chapter 2: Building Your Team
It’s often said that your network is your net worth. Far too often, we entrepreneurs…
Chapter 3: Power Positioning
The Power Position is a Feng Shui concept that the ancient Chinese practice to decipher one&rsquo…
Chapter 4: The 3rd Wheel
Let’s be honest, not everyone is going to be in a Power Position when they first begin nego…

Module 3: Leveraging Status & Fame
Leveraging Status & Fame
This chapter wili give you the best insights into how to make the most of the Niche Famous course.
Access To Niche Famous
This Mini-course outline is broken into 3 primary lessons: The WHAT The WHY The HOW This

Module 4: The Perfect Partnership
Chapter 1: Type Of Partners You’re Looking For
In this chapter, I’d like to discuss the type of partners that you’re looking for. Si…
Chapter 2: Type Of Partners To Avoid
Just as important as the type of people who you should partner with, are the people you should ac…
Chapter 3: How To Be A Great Partner
It’s easy to deflect the attention and focus of behavioral issues and work ethic to other p…
Chapter 4: Continued Education
“There are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life: never stop dr…

Module 5: Putting The Pieces Together
Chapter 1: Where To Find Partners
Buy & Sell Website Marketplace Here are some places that sell websites that you should keep
Chapter 2: Vetting The Partners
Once you have an idea of a few partners you may want to work with, it’s time to start vetti…
Chapter 3: What Do They Value
Before compiling a closing strategy or creating any type of offer to the potential partner, you&r…

Module 6: Sealing The Deal
Chapter 1: The Big Decision
Now that you’ve spent all this time researching, locating, and vetting potential partners, .
Chapter 2: Your Slice Of The Pie
In this chapter, ‘.’ve’re going to discuss how to negotiate your slice of the pie or the amoun…
Chapter 3: Scarcity
As we talked about in previous modules and as we discussed Robert Cialdini’s book Influence…
Chaoter 4: Controlling The Money
Chapter 5: Contracts and Legal Work

Questions & Answers
How Do I Approach These People & What Kind Of Offers Should I Be Making?
In this video, Michael asks… 1. How do approach these people once I find them? 2. How should .

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