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Keith Livingston – Sleight of Mouth Patterns

Keith Livingston – Sleight of Mouth Patterns
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“Sleight of Mouth – Powerful NLP Language Patterns to Skyrocket Your Persuasion Abilities!”
The Practical Guide to Sleight of Mouth Patterns gives you everything you need to learn and start using these advanced NLP language patterns right away…
What is “Sleight of Mouth?”

Sleight of Mouth patterns come from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). NLP studies the world’s most successful people from all walks of life and distills their secrets – how they do what they do so well.

When the tools of NLP were used to study the world’s most powerful persuaders, a compelling and impressive set of language patterns emerged. These patterns are called “Sleight of Mouth.” Each sleight of mouth pattern is a valuable tool for persuasion. Sleight of mouth patterns help people overcome limiting beliefs, open up to new ideas and be able to find a new “spin” or “point of view.” In persuasion, whether in therapy, sales or personal interaction it’s vital to help people open up to what you are saying. Sleight of Mouth patterns help you do just that and they do it in what seems like a normal conversation.
Why are they called “sleight of mouth?” Because, when done well they work like magic in dissolving objections and limiting beliefs!
What You Can Accomplish with These Unique Patterns…

We have personally seen many, many examples of people becoming open to possibilities and overcome roadblocks due to the effective use of sleight of mouth patterns. Here are some examples from our personal experience. We’ve helped people…

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